Smart Home Technology: Single Cue

Controlling Smart Home Technology touch-free has never been so easy!

Single Cue is available to buy online, and is the premier smart home technology touch free interface. Using your hands and finger cues, you can interface with Single Cue's smart home control menu in order for you to interface with the device of your choice and to change its setting according to the gestures that you make. The Single Cue needs to be in a space where you are visible to its camera. However, if you've owned an Xbox with Kinect or a Playstation with the Eye, you'll discover that using Single Cue is extremely easy for you to learn.

Now, because you have to have a clear line-of-site between you and the Single Cue, it's best to ensure that it is placed in a common area where you will spend most of the time in the house. So, you can have it within your living room, or your entertainment space, so that it will be easier for you to control your smart home devices. It has to be placed atop a piece of furniture, or on a shelf, so that it is oriented to view your body while you are standing, and while you are seated, within the room or space.

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