Create a Wireless 4K HDMI Hub in Your Home!

One of the biggest challenges when trying to improve the technology within your home, is to increase your technological capability without having to buy numerous devices (one for each TV in the home) or having to install updated jacks in your home with updated wiring. As devices advance and you have to upgrade to the next version of hardware for a device, or as you decide to add a television into a new room of the house, you don't want to to also have to spend a small fortune buying all of the devices that you need in order to ensure that you can watch all of the same things from all of the same devices in every room of the house.

So, why can't you have all of your devices in only ONE room of the house, perhaps the main TV of the home, but access all of the devices at that location from all of the other televisions in the home - without having to run any new wiring, and without having to buy duplicates of any of your TSP, streaming, or multimedia devices? How much money and effort would that save you in having to buy several Monster HDMI cables, new streaming devices, another Xbox or Playstation, or having to move your laptop or desktop when you want to watch something in another room? That is what the IOGEAR HDMI Matrix Pro + 3 Extra Receivers is now achieving for you.

The Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix with Multicast is one of the biggest breakthroughs in wireless audio-video multimedia solutions to date. It essentially ensures that you can watch any of the physical multimedia devices in your home independently from each TV room in the house at the same time. So, if you're watching your Apple TV in the Living Room, your daughter can watch a BlueRay movie from your BlueRay player in her room, and your son can play a game on the Xbox One X in his room, with all of the multimedia devices actually being physically located in the Living room. Of course, you're limited by the range of the Xbox controller in this particular example, but you can definitely see the possibilities. You get full HD 1080P with 3D content and digital audio capability from up to 100 feet away from the main hub!



  • Long Range Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix with Multicast - Includes 3 additional Wireless HDMI Receiver.
  • For best performance and range: Place the receiver where you have a clear view between the Transmitter and Receiver.
  • Do NOT install the Transmitter/Receiver unit behind/below the TV or other metal devices where wireless signal may experience interference.
  • Wireless fully uncompressed HD video up to 200 feet through standard home walls
  • Built in 5 x 2 Matrix - Allows you to switch and independently select any of 5 sources between 2 HDTVs - Location 1: HDTV can connect to transmitter's loop-through (local) port - Location 2: HDTV can receive content from wireless receiver
  • Multicast up to 5 HDTVs- Send content up to 5 locations at the same time (4 wireless) It is recommended that the distance between receivers be at least 12 feet apart)
  • Connect and wirelessly transmit content from a Blu-ray / DVD player, DVR / Cable box, Game console, Computer /laptop, and media server

With the IOGEAR HDMI Matrix Pro hub and receivers, you can connect up to five multimedia devices to the hub, such as Blu-ray & DVD Players, gaming consoles, computers, laptops, or media servers. It will wirelessly transmit full uncompressed HD content a remote HD display (up to 100ft away) with less than 1ms latency. So, you're achieving the same quality of audio and video you obtain from your $100+ Monster HDMI cable, wirelessly, to multiple TV's in your home simultaneously!

The next amazing feature its that the system supports IR Pass-Through. This allows you to sit at one of the remote televisions, using the IOGEAR remote for that room, and control the devices that are physically located at the hub. So, instead of having to have a TON of remotes in the home to control the same devices, you only need the IOGEAR remote at each television location. It makes your life simpler, as well as less cluttered, and still offers you the same capability to control all of your multimedia devices from each viewing location in the home.

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