Noise Cancelling for the Home

Muzo New Edition

There is a growing demand for noise cancelling technologies and solutions within homes across America. Originally, these technologies were designed for homes within major cities. The sounds of the hustling and bustling cities, such as cars, jackhammering, accidents, yelling, and more, were everywhere and almost impossible to keep out of the home. So, these technologies were designed to help the sounds of the city to be drowned, or masked, by utilizing various methods and technological solutions.

However, as more and more homes are being built, more homeowners are looking for noise solutions to correct unwelcome sounds from the home. Whether they be months of construction noise in new development areas, train noise, farm equipment, manufacturing noises, or cars, people across America are finding themselves looking for solutions to loud noises that are penetrating their home and are bothering their ability to rest and relax. Moving to anywhere around the city of Chicago, and there are trains galore! Some homes are literally built tens of yards away from freight train tracks with only a sound wall in between their home and hundreds of tons of moving metal and cargo past their homes.

However, not all is lost. There are new and amazing solutions than can help you to win this battle! There are both home add-ons, as well as technologies, than can help homeowners combat unwelcome external noises from penetrating their home, interrupting their sleep, or driving them crazy over time.

Muzo - New Edition
  1. Muzo - New Edition

The Muzo - New Edition is a premium portable acoustics device which is an app-enabled sound machine for sleep, relaxation and listening to music. The incredible features of the Muzo include the intelligent soundscapes mixing system and the advanced vibration speaker. The Muzo is a very unique acoustic product, especially due to its white noise and sleep enhancing features, using one of the the most enhanced vibration speakers in the market. Compared to the existing white noise machines, the quality of the dynamic realistic sounds generated by Muzo - New Edition is much better due to its characteristics, features, and ability to adhere to any surface, including windows.


2. Sono - Noise Canceling Device

The background sounds of urban environments are expected when you’re out enjoying to big city. However, they can be aggravating and unnerving when you are inside your home, want to relax, and need to tune them out. Now, imagine if you had a simple gadget that you can simply place on your windows, letting you accomplish that very thing, and give you a volume knob for the loud noises outside of your home!

Sono is a remarkable working prototype, created and tested by industrial designer Rudolf Stefanich that “turns your window into an advanced noise cancelling system that allows you to eliminate and/or control the sounds that pass through.” The gadget will allow you to dial up or down the sounds of cars, sirens, traffic horns, and other intrusive sounds, but will also give you the power to select a preferred ambient auditory experience to hear instead. It effectively offers an adjustable soundtrack of your own choosing, and enables you to not only remove unwelcome noises - but to also customize what you hear in their stead.

RYB Home Soundproof Curtains

3. RYB Home Soundproof Curtains

The RYB home soundproof curtains are an amazing addition to any home, especially in the bedroom. It offers full blackout for your room, ensuring that you can sleep in on weekends even if you stay out late. No sunrise rude awakenings anymore! Its three layers provides an advanced noise cancellation or reduction capability that no other curtains on the market can offer. Plus, it offers an insulation factor by insulating the inside of the home from outside temperatures with its built-in thermal insulation. It's available in a variety of colors to match any home, and offers a modern look and feel to help you update your home's look as well.

  • 3 LAYERS - Package includes 2 panels total width is 104 inches. 1 layer in front (pure white), 1 layer in black(grayish-white) & 1 detachable felt fabric lining in the middle.
  • NOISE REDUCTION - Detachable felt fabric liner is in the middle of the 3 layers. Maximum absorb the annoying noise and create a peaceful environment.
  • 100% BLACKOUT - Triple weave blackout fabric & 3 layers design make it possible to completely keep out the harsh light and UV ray. Open the time of daytime sleep.
  • COST SAVING - Balance room temperature by insulating against summer heat and winter chill. It's both save your energy budget and bring you a dark & quiet surrounding.
  • EASY CARE - Easy to install and maintain. Detach the felt liner before machine wash, using only non-chlorine bleach & warm iron when needed. Tumble dry low.
Sleep Bank

4. Sleep Bank - Sleep Frequency Machine

The Sleep Bank is a sleep frequency machine, which emits low frequency sounds which enhance your body's ability to relax, and to achieve a deeper sleep cycle. It's a patented and exclusive SFT (Sleep Frequency Technology) chipset - researched and developed by the Ph.D. team over the course of many years. The chip generates a 2m×2m natural frequency magnetic field which reduces high frequency radio waves, which interfere with your body's natural frequency.

Ever wonder why you have a hard time falling back asleep after you've been reading your phone, on your computer, or watching television? Your body is having to adjust brain activity to keep up with rapid cognitive function, as well as your body being exposed to high frequency electronic equipment. With the Sleep Bank, it helps to return your body to its natural rhythm, flooding you with low frequency waves, allowing you to relax and to fall into a faster and deeper sleep.

Three Sheep Sound Machine

5. Three Sheep Sound Machine

Another solution to counter external noises to your home, especially in the bedroom, is to use a sound machine. People have been using sound machines for years in order to help distract them from stressful noises, distract themselves from their own thought, and to lull themselves to sleep. However, you get what you pay for, and want to ensure that you definitely get a premium sound machine with superior quality, versus a low quality one with inferior sound quality and a short lifespan.

The Three Sheep sound machine has multi-sounds to help inspire different moods. It can be used to help you fall asleep by masking external noise, assist you with tuning out distractions and enhance focus while you're studying or working, or to achieve superior relaxation while you're visiting your local SPA or yoga class. It has a built in auto-timer, over 1,000 different sound combinations, can be used as a bluetooth speaker, built-in wireless charging pads, and an extra USB port to charge your phone while you sleep!

TMS Mass Loaded Vinyl Soundproofing Barrier

6. TMS Mass Loaded Vinyl Soundproofing Barrier

TMS Brand Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) is a top value, often chosen by professionals, when it comes to soundproofing walls in the home. MLV contains heavy mass, but with minimal thickness, making it one of the top materials of choice when it comes to blocking sound or noise when creating an acoustic barrier in your home. Installation locations where MLV can be used is on: Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Automobiles, Machinery, Pipes, HVAC, Pool pumps, etc. Mass Loaded Vinyl is the highest quality vinyl barrier on the market, is manufactured in the U.S.A., is very heavy, is extruded from virgin material only, and has no odor.

Acoustic Tiles Wedge Foam

7. Acoustic Panels Soundproof Studio Foam

Made of high quality environmentally friendly polyurethane foam, these studio foam panels are durable and effective, have no health risks, and are safe to use. Acoustic sound panels can dampen and diffuse mid to low frequency sound waves inside of a room, to minimize interference, and increases sound clarity. These studio sound absorbing panels can be used as acoustic insulation for walls, ceilings, and doors. Simply attach the panels with staples, nails, screws, tacks or glue. Acoustic tiles wedge foam panels are great for recording studios, vocal booths, control rooms, also ideal for home theaters, professional movie theaters, concert halls and more.

Draft Door Stopper Acoustic

8. Acoustic Draft Door Stopper

The acoustic/draft door stopper is made of flexible/adjustable silicone for a snug fit, ensures proper door bottom seal, is durable, easily attachable, as well as removable. It protects your home and family from adverse weather conditions, stopping the heat from escaping during the winter, and keeping cool air inside during the summer. However, due to the layered air pockets between each silicone barrier, offer acoustic filtering due to sound noise attenuation as it transfers from one medium (air) through another (silicone). Because it is three layers of silicone, with two pockets of air between, sound noise will not easily travel through this product into your home.

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